From "I Don't Get It" to "I Love It"

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  1. You work in climate 🌳

  2. Your business struggles with communication 🤬

  3. And you are looking for help ⛑️

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Brand Narrative Consulting for Climate

Tech businesses are messengers from the future. They see something that the rest doesn’t see (yet).

But sometimes it’s difficult to communicate this vision in a way that helps you achieve your business objectives.

The good news: It can be done and there’s a process for it 👇

How to Do It

I have turned all the insights from my previous consulting gigs into a freely-available series on Branding for Tech Companies:

  1. Branding for Tech Companies 101: Future Mythology

  2. Branding for Tech Companies 102: Clarity and Consistency

  3. Brand Audit in Climate Tech: Lilac Solutions

This series provides you with:

  • 📚 Fundamental Knowledge: Differences between brand, branding, narrative, and marketing + how all of those interact.

  • 🔺 Brand Narrative Pyramid: A framework to guide clients from chaos to bliss.

  • 🧮 Advanced Concepts: Three core principles of auditing and workshopping existing brands.

  • 📋 Case Studies: Step-by-step walk-through of real-life brand audits.

Sample output of one of the real-life case studies.

This content will teach you the tools and techniques to master brand narrative.

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